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A Solution Based Approach to Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Our process

Conflict is natural and inevitable in every circumstance that involves co-existence. However, it is important that conflict run a healthy course of resolution. That course varies depending on the type of conflict, origination of the conflict and the parties involved in the dispute. In counseling and law we have seen how unresolved conflict can have horrible effects on an individual’s health, both emotionally and physically. This is the primary reason why we committed ourselves to developing the most comprehensive and effective resolution program possible.

First, our approach is customized depending upon the type of conflict presented. For example, a marital conflict tends to be far more emotionally driven than a conflict arising out of a rear end collision case headed to court. Recognizing this difference and tailoring the mediation process accordingly fosters a far greater likelihood of a successful, satisfying and final outcome.

While there are varying needs in every conflict, there are commonalities as well that benefit from both a psychological and legal foundation. A mediation arising from the car accident may benefit greatly from a mediator that understands the life cycle of a lawsuit, the elements of negligence and damages. Traditionally these cases are mediated by a lawyer or retired judge, but the psychological impact is often completely missed and the mediation fails because those factors go overlooked.

Just the same, a marital conflict may be mediated through a mediator without a legal foundation. The numerous and far reaching legal consequences of the conflict will very likely fail to be adequately addressed. When a mediated agreement is prepared by a non-attorney lacking drafting skills and unfamiliar with court requirements, we have seen years of expensive, stressful litigation result from the poorly written agreement.

Cova Resolutions’ multi-disciplinary approach addresses all aspects of conflict which results in a superior experience including:
--A more satisfying resolution process for the parties
--A greater likelihood of a successful mediation outcome
--A final resolution that fully addresses all issues of the conflict

Because of the above, Cova Resolutions is also truly the most cost effective approach. The process is far more efficient than any other traditional mediation because issues that may otherwise go unresolved, even in a “successful” mediation, are discovered and fully addressed in a comprehensive, professional, final and enforceable agreement. Let our passion for resolution help bring your conflict to a mediated conclusion.