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We offer a multidisciplinary approach to mediation.  When deciding on a mediator, it is important to evaluate your mediator’s underlying credentials.  Traditionally qualified mediators have a foundation in either counseling or law.  Both foundations provide distinct and valuable resources to the resolution process.  CoVa Resolutions offers both, and whether you chose to mediate collaboratively with dual mediators or with one of our psychotherapists or attorneys, the CoVa Resolutions program was designed cooperatively incorporating key strengths and benefits from both professions.  The result is a person focused process that is informative, broad and successful. The research evidence supports multidisciplinary team working as the most effective means of delivering comprehensive mediated solutions, and we work hard to provide the best program possible.  Not only is our unique program huighly effective, it is also cost effective.  Unlike most other programs, our attorneys charge a reduced rate when mediating at CoVa Resolutions.  This is because we truly believe in conflict resolution.   To learn more about our program and what we do, take a look at our overview page here.  Even easier, call today to speak with the program director, P. Todd Sartwell, at 757.222.4944.  We will assess your needs and determine if your conflict would be best served with an attorney mediator, psychotherapist mediator, or both.  We will also reach out to the other side of the conflict to initiate mediation.

          P. Todd Sartwell, Esq., Cofounder, Program Director

Erica Sartwell, LPC, Cofounder

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Every successful resolution can be reduced to a final agreement written by an attorney. An executed agreement provides finality, clarity and security to the participants. An agreement written by a non-attorney can present more problems and completely nulify the efforts and costs of mediation.
From the initial contact, the process is kept confidential unless you allow for information to be shared. All participants will agree at the outset that the information provided in mediation is for resolution only and will not be used in later litigation.  We even destroy our notes upon the conclusion of the mediation.
All disputes
Disputes related to family, employment, contracts, personal rights, relationships, legal disputes and every other circumstance can reach a resolution with helpful insight and guidance. Ending continued disagreement is beneficial, and can save the parties large amounts of time, money and stress.
Unique design
Our program was designed with the goal of mediating every conflict to a fully resolved finish in a way that allows all positions to be heard.  As discussed below, our multi-disciplinary approach to mediation was designed from the ground up to be solution based, individual focused and outcome driven.

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